Gold Leaf


With the global price of gold changing value significantly over the last year, our price of gold leaf has also been fluctuating significantly. The speculators have been trading lots in the gold market with the recent turmoil in the stock markets which has resulted in prices as low as $750 per ounce and as high as $1250 per ounce.

Naturally, this has meant prices of gold leaf have been in disarray for a while although things are starting to stabilise now in both the currency and gold markets. Expect prices to change a little bit for the next couple of months though as old stock levels are replenished with new. At 16 grams per 1000 sheets, our 23.5 carat gold still offers high quality at a competitive price.

We also offer a 'Medium' weight gold which is a bit cheaper, but still usuable for exterior gilding at 14 grams per 1000 sheets.

***Pssst! Blast Shop Hint*** It's worth asking your gold leaf supplier the weight of thier gold, as the cost should be directly related to the weight!

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