Our LockDown System is a completely new concept for fixing lawn-type memorials to a foundation, using a stainless steel fixing to replace the traditional cement joint.

The fixing comprises a tubular, flanged sleeve which fits inside a standard flower container hole. An expansion bolt inserted through a hole in the base of the sleeve locks the memorial down to the foundation.

The advantages of such a system are obvious. Once installed, a memorial can be quickly and easily removed and refixed to carry out additional lettering, renovations, etc. without any risk of damage to the memorial through having to break cement joints. As there is no curing time involved, the joint achieves maximum strength immediately – fixing in windy conditions is not a problem. Further, neither is rain nor snow; there is no longer subsequently a necessity to check the memorial for cement runs.

Burial authorities have been particularly receptive to the new system. They like the way in which it makes it easy to carry out random inspections to ensure that a memorial is fixed according to their regulations or periodic checks to make sure that there is no deterioration in any of the components. They also like the fact that, unlike cement joints, the strength of the Lockdown System does not deteriorate over time and that the joint will not fail under the recommended safety test loads applied by “topple testers”.

When used to secure a lawn memorial to a concrete beam foundation a LockDown sleeve meets both NAMM’s Code of Working Practice standards and BS 8415 without the necessity for any additional anchor components. This means that when upgrading an existing lawn memorial on a strip foundation to meet the latest safety standards the memorial can remain in-situ. All that is required is to drill a 20mm diameter hole in the foundation in the centre of the vase hole and fit the expansion bolt and sleeve, a very simple and quick process.

When fixing on a flag foundation, the same anchor tube that is used in our Peg and Tube is driven through the centre of the flag – the optimum position for an anchor.

Further information and the fixing instructions can be found here.

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