Peg and Tube Anchor

The system is constructed from stainless steel tubing as opposed to a solid bar. This makes it is easier to drive into the ground than a solid rod system as the tube cores the ground instead of compacting it and pushing it aside. Less physical effort is required and it is quicker to drive into the ground. There is less chance of hitting an obstruction and of the tube being deflected out of the vertical during the driving process than with a solid rod system. Should a stubborn obstruction be encountered a mandrill or percussion drill can be driven down the centre of the tube to break it up, something not possible with a solid bar system.

A choice of tube diameters is available to suit the most popular 28, 30 and 40 mm pre-drilled ‘NAMM’ anchoring holes. There is also a choice of tube lengths for use with either flag, poured concrete or beam foundations. In extremely soft or sandy conditions additional tubes can be used to stabilise the foundation. Only one of these tubes needs to be connected to the base with a peg so fixing is not made more complicated by having to line up multiple anchors. Being formed from part of the tube, the wings which act as a depth stop are an integral part of the construction tube. During installation they cannot accidentally break or slip causing the anchor system to under-perform or fail completely.

Because the Peg and Tube is a two part system, a tube going into the ground and a peg into the memorial, if the memorial is removed from the cemetery for further work the peg can be also be taken away, ensuring that there is nothing left protruding out of the ground to create a trip hazard. Also if cement or adhesive accidentally gets into the ‘NAMM’ hole in the base during the fixing process the peg will still pull out of the tube easily to release the memorial if it has to subsequently be removed.

When carrying out remedial work, if the joint between the headpiece and base seems secure but there is uncertainty as to whether the existing dowels meet current standards, instead of having to redowel the memorial an extra long peg can be resined into the headpiece and base to act as a combined safety dowel and anchor. Only one hole to drill – not three. No additional dowels to buy. Saves time; saves materials; saves money.

Further information and the fixing instructions can be found here. (All of our Solid Peg & Tubes are accredited when used with both 15'' & 18'' Foundations).


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