Cement is becoming less popular now as a result of the new chemical adhesives that are available. We stock two different types of adhesive designed for two very different purposes.

FirmaFix is a two part dowelling adhesive that sets very hard. It comes in a wide bore tube and requires mixing before inserting into the dowel holes. We stock a mixing nozzle that goes onto the tube but (and we're doing ourselves out of business here!) we recommend that you mix FirmaFix by hand. You will get a much more consistent mix by hand and it saves you money because once you've used a mixing nozzle you have to throw it away. The nozzles are however very convenient for those that want them. We also stock a larger gun used to dispense the adhesive.

FirmaBond is a universal bonding adhesive. It's primarily used as and alternative to cement as the primary medium to join surfaces whilst installing a memorial. It can also be used for vases, kerb sets and ornamental items like ceramic portraits. When FirmaBond hardens it remains elastic which means it is not appropriate to use this adhesive for dowelling.


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