Because we are masons we understand the problems that new working practices have on the us. This ranges from fixing kerbs to fixing memorials back to back on foundations that are barely wide enough for one memorial let alone two! When we visit show around the world looking for new ideas and solutions one of the first questions we ask is what is in this for us (the mason). If a product doesn't improve our working environment or make the existing job that little bit more cost effective then we quickly move on.

A prime example of a simple product that makes life that little bit easier is the lifting handles we spotted in Nuremburg 2007. These handles can be used on 3" and 4" material and are capable of lifting up to 100kg each (giving a total lift of 200kg). The handles help masons lift memorials whilst still allowing them to have a hand free to position skids etc. more

Ever had to do a border parallel to the edge of a memorial? Here is just the tool for you. Originally designed as a compass cutter capable of cutting circles into tape we saw that in fact it also made a very good tool for doing borders, never again will you get caught out by the OGEE that wasn't the same shape as the one on your computer! more

We've been using Lithichrome paint for many years now. The silver paint is one of the best silver colours we are aware of - not too shiny but also it doesn't dull as much as others over time. Along with the Lithichrome Hi-Lite spray these paints offer quality and durability more

Do you still buy new blades for your cutter? Buy a complete housing and you could save yourself money in the longer term. New blades on their own are only slightly cheaper than a complete new housing and with the complete sealed unit you can send it away for resharpening. Send the until back to us and we'll replace it with a new one for less than half the price of the original unit. If you do this just once you will save money over buying new blades on their own. Don't know which sealed unit you need? - check out the various designs here more