A high quality roller with a metal spindle and wooden handle, the Goldmann roller is perfect for ensuring rubber blast tapes stay stuck down to the memorial during the blast process. If you're using a PVC based tape we suggest you use a plastic squeegee when applying the tape, the squeegee is better when using the PVC tapes which are slipplier and stiffer to apply than the rubber ones.

Dowel Brush
One thing to ensure when bolting memorials is that holes are clean and dust free. Many memorials are now brought in pre-drilled and generally cleaning involves a blast of compressed air down the hole to blow out any dust. Unfortunately if the hole was diamond cored it probably wasn't flushed out and no amount of air will remove the slurry in the bottom and sides. This steel wire brush can be used either wet or dry, after use flush out thoroughly and use compressed air to dry the hole.

Browsing round the Nuremburg show in 2007 we came across these carrying handles. Getting them back in hand luggage at a time of heightened security round airports is a different story but these proved well worth the hastle. Each handle is capable of lifting 100kg and are sold as a pair. You can use the handle at whatever height suits you and you have a hand free for positioning skids etc. More information is available in this pdf.

Stencil Knives
We've often been asked for replacement blades for stencil knives so we are now stocking standard X-Acto and Swann-Morton blades alongside our Goldmann blades. We still prefer our trusty Goldmann knife for weeding and cutting with. It has a 4" long resharpenable blade which has far more strength than a scalpal blade and also lasts a lot longer. Should you eventually run out of blade on the knife, replacement 4" inserts are also available, over time these knifes pay for themselves many times over.

Photo Paints
In 2009 we put our range of Photoblast paints on the stand at the NFE and were staggered by the response we got from them. We have been stocking these for a number of years now but it appears as though people weren't aware of them. Unfortunately Liquitex has stopped selling our original photoblast paints in the UK but we now have an alternative paint which is well suited to painting shaded or shallow blasted designs.

Lithichrome Paints
For most people Lithichrome paints means white Hi-Lite. In fact there is a full range of colours that Lithichrome produce but in the UK we only import a few of these. The most popular is Hi-Lite spray but we also import their grey and brown shadow spray paints which are very useful for higlighting the depth on blasted designs. We also import their liquid paints in black, white, silver and clear. The silver is one of the best we've seen for colour and longevity. All the Lithichrome paints work best when sprayed rather than brushed, we use a standard paint spray gun and apply multiple thin coats straight after blasting to get the best effects.

Compass Cutter
One of the simplest, cheapest and most effective tools we've come accross. This little tool allows you to cut parallel borders around stones with ease. Originally designed as a compass cutter, if you rotate the handle section so the handle points the same way as the blade you can run the handle along the edge of the memorial and cut perfect OGEE shapes every time.

Gold Leaf
With the global price of gold changing value significantly over the last year our price of gold leaf has also been fluctuating significantly. The speculators have been trading lots in the gold market with the recent turmoil in the stock markets which has resulted in prices as low as $750 per ounce and as high as $1050 per ounce. Naturally this has meant prices of gold leaf have been in dissarray for a while although things are starting to stabilise now in both the currency and gold markets. Expect prices to change a little bit for the next couple of months though as old stock levels are replenished with new. At 16 grams per 1000 sheets, our 23.5 carat gold still offers high quality at a competitive price.

One Shot Paint
One shot enamel paint is ideal for lettering. Available in metallic colours as well as black, white and yellow, this paint can be used as the base for a gilded letter or as a standard coloured letter.

Gold Size
We stock Blackfriars and Le Franc size in a number of different curing times. When applying make sure that you take ambient weather conditions into account when working out how long you need to wait before applying the gold, 12 hours in the winter can easily become 2 hours or less in the summer! Our size is all un-tinted, we prefer to apply a layer of yellow paint under the guild to provide a bright finish to the lettering.

Size Brushes and Gilding Mops
Our short haired stencil brush is ideal for both painting letters and also applying size. Our squirrel haired guilding mob is very soft and perfect for creating a good shine to gilded letters.