Badger Badger Bull Bull
ZB004 Badger ZB005 Badger ZB820 Bull

Cat and Flowers Cat Siamese cat
ZC263 Cat and Flowers ZC264 Cat ZC265 Siamese cat

Cat and butterfly Chimpanzee Cow  in circle
ZC266 Cat and butterfly ZC295 Chimpanzee ZC570 Cow in circle

Cows head Cow Donkeys
ZC571 Cows head ZC572 Cow ZD280 Donkeys

Elephant Fox Giraffe
ZE440 Elephant ZF597 Fox ZG340 Giraffe

Gorilla Hedgehog Head of horse (oval)
ZG590 Gorilla ZH031 Hedgehog ZH061 Head of horse (oval)

Galloping horse (oval) Head of grey mare Horse & foal
ZH062 Galloping horse (oval) ZH063 Head of grey mare ZH064 Horse & foal

Horses head grey Hen & chicks Horse mono
ZH065 Horses head grey ZH170 Hen & chicks ZH260 Horse mono

Horse in horseshoe Head of shirehorse Shetland pony head
ZH262 Horse in horseshoe ZH263 Head of shirehorse ZH264 Shetland pony head

Horse shoe Prancing Horse Lion
ZH265 Horse shoe ZH560 Prancing Horse ZL350 Lion

Otter Rabbit Rabbit
ZO710 Otter ZR001 Rabbit ZR002 Rabbit

Lambs Sheep Sheep & lamb
ZS305 Lambs ZS306 Sheep ZS307 Sheep & lamb

Swaledale sheep Tiger Tiger's Head
ZS350 Swaledale sheep ZT335 Tiger ZT336 Tiger's Head

ZT800 Tortoise